India has the world's largest youth population with an average age of youth being 28 years. 356 million of us and we have no concrete policies to harness the youth power and empower the youth of our country for their development.

Today you are facing A LOT OF PROBLEMS, from quality education to exercising their rights of having a decent life. Youth are never considered as a unified vote bank and are seldom given importance in policy making.

In every election politicians promise many things to us and never implement them.

Enough is enough.

With our campaign we want to change that scenario by involving political parties and making them accountable for the Youth.

We want our rights and demands to be taken seriously and to make this happen we want to meet at least 1,00,000 of you in person and more than a million more through online platforms. Let’s unite and become one voice - YUVA GALAM.

We at Yuva Galam aim to encourage Youth to take part in active politics and hope to increase the percentage of people’s representatives under the age of 30 from 2.1% to much more.

Yuva Galam aims to meet the youth from diverse backgrounds across the state of Andhra Pradesh and understand their problems, as well as their demands and aspirations. From the suggestions of youth we want to make the FIRST EVER YOUTH MANIFESTO FOR ANDHRA PRADESH.

Come join us in this momentous journey covering 3000+ km over a period of 100 days in our quest for accountability and political empowerment of youth.

- Naga Sravan Kilaru


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